The MSTS hosts many exciting events throughout the school year. Check out our Facebook page to see upcoming dates!


Speaker Series

Our Speaker Series aims to connect our members, and the wider McGill Community, to the real-world of finance. We bring in professionals, ranging from portfolio managers from major banks to cryptocurrency traders, to show our members where a career in finance could take them!

Trading Simulation

At the start of each academic year, the MSTS organizes a stock simulation that runs throughout the entire year. This simulation tracks the US stock market, and provides the most realistic simulation possible. Members can work with each other and MSTS executives to create the best possible portfolio and learn how to maximize returns and minimize risk. We track portfolios at our weekly meetings, invite members to share their strategies. The simulation is meant as a “learn-by-doing” exercise for beginners, and a method of honing skills for our more experienced traders!

Annual Economics Professors Debate

The Annual MSTS Economics Professors Debate features some of the foremost economic and financial minds at McGill University. Topics include current developments and the discussion of long-standing economic debates. Members will have the opportunity to pose questions and hear their own professors express their stances on a wide range of economics topics.